Stevieknocks and Darlene Luna Launch New Business Called Island Galz

Hello Darlene Deluna and Stevieknocks where are you from?

Hello I’m Darlene Deluna I’m a Celebrity Talent Agent I’m from San Bernardino California born and raised. I moved to Los Angeles and Started another very successful business called The Signature Group Bookings We book celebrities all over the country, we also provide other services!

Hello, I’m Stevieknocks I’m a Music Producer from Los Angeles California. I started an independent record label Called Still hungry records, We sign Singers & Songwriters only at the moment. I also have another online business with amazon selling miscellaneous items !

1. So Stevieknocks How did you come up with the name Island Galz for your new business?

Great Question, We Visited The Virgin Islands this year and was amazed by how beautiful the islands were, We Absolutely loved the Culture There! The Culture definitely influenced us to create something of our own.

2. Darlene Deluna and Stevieknocks how long have you been in a relationship?

We have been together for about 6 years going on 7 we met through a mutual friend and been together ever since.

3. Stevieknocks Has it been easy to Keep your Relationship Strong in your line of work?

It’s definitely been challenging throughout the years but it’s also made us stronger. We communicate and learn from our mistakes

4. Stevieknocks Do you have any other joint businesses together?

Yes we have another online business as well through amazon and other major sites

5. Darlene Deluna Has your new online business seen any success?

Yes sales went up $12,000 in the first month and we are looking to include more items weekly which give shoppers more options, We will also offer Discounts for referrals.

6. Stevieknocks Where can people go to find your new business online?

They can find our website at

Or follow us at

7. Darlene Deluna How does it feel to be entrepreneurs?

It feels amazing, we are in complete control of the entire process. And most importantly we work for ourselves!

Please also check out Stevieknocks official Website

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