Stellaris: Recent Update On The Federations Brings New Space Diplomacy

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy game which is set at the beginning of 2200. This is a real-time space game that allows you to explore the space by taking charge of the early stages of the planets on the space. The game is developed with the faster-than-light (FTL) spaceship technology. Players can meet their desires for space exploration and reach the ultimate goal of ruling the empire.

There are a lot of free updates and expansion packs the developers of the game are offering. They have introduced a number of new gameplay features. There are upgrades that are named after popular science writers. After the launch of the game, the first patch of the game was launched on May 24. It came up with various improvements in the game. The patch also introduced an additional playable race. Stellar mega structures were introduced in April 2017.

Since the launch of the game, there are numerous patches that have been released by the developers of the game. The developers had made it clear at the launch of the game that players should expect to have expansion packs in the future. These patches add more features and content to the game. You have to run an update to upgrade your gameplay.

You can never get enough of the Stellaris upgrades and expansion packs. When you are engaging in the moment of exploring the new discoveries of the space, a new expansion pack comes for you to explore it. With the introduction of new expansion patches, the game also introduces new characters.

Recently Stellaris came up with a diplomacy-themed expansion. Lithoid is the new expansion pack the developers are introducing. It is going to be launched in October. Federation announced this recent update at a recent event. The focus of the expansion is to add more economic, military and political information in the game. Space is going to be 4X larger. With the expansion packs, players will be able to enjoy a high-resolution image technology.

Paradox Interactive has introduced specialized features and specifications in the game. There are various features that help you build the foundation of your empire. You can expand your space kingdom and change the background of the game as well. The tanks are faster than ever. The new species also come with sapient rocks which are called the Lithoids Pack. These are special creatures that have a long life span.

The introduction of the Galactic community is also a great feature for game lovers to explore. You can also create a space society and meet your neighbors in space. You are not bound to stay in the community. You have a free choice to join it or opt-out of it.

You can explore this expansion pack and learn about the specifications and features offered by it. Upgrade your game to get this expansion pack. It only costs around $8. Federation will soon come up with another expansion pack. Till then you can enjoy discovering this one.