Stan-T Joins Mista Rags On “Owe Em Nothin”

Mista Rags and Stan-T join forces on their new single.

The dynamic recording artists Mista Rags and Stan-T have reached new heights with their hot single “Owe Em Nothin”. The record was released on August 9, 2019.  At the time of this article, it has gained quite a bit of momentum with over 40k digital streams. We predict this number to go upwards in the upcoming weeks as thousands of new fans discover their music.

We reached out to Mista Rags to see how he felt about the success of the new record.

“Everything with the music is going great. Stan T and I have been friends for many years and making great music is something we have a history of doing in our hometown (Jacksonville, Tx). We’re definitely no stranger to the studio.”, he contends.

“I really just want to show the world that if you work hard enough, anyone can beat the odds and accomplish their dreams.”

You can check out Mista Rags and Stan-T’s new single, “Owe Em Nothin,” via SoundCloud link below.



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