StaJe On His New Single “Jimmy Choos”

With Covid-19 preventing us from studio interviews, we were able to catch up with StaJe on the release of his anticipated single “Jimmy Choos”.

During our 52 minute conversation we really got to know the artist and his humbling beginnings. Hailing from the inner city of Columbia South Carolina, StaJe always felt music was his way out. “Yeah there was a time in my life where I thought sports was going to take me out the streets but I always had a passion for writing and creating”. He gave us an in-depth answer when asked what project he is working on and planning on releasing.

“This year has been crazy for me. I remember back in high school when schools were recruiting me. Wanting me to join their program. Well, this year has been quite similar to those days. Right now I have so many calls coming in from different numbers and people. It’s a good feeling to know the hard work over the years is paying off for me and my team. Without God where would I be. I just want to thank my team Andy, Goddi, Nick, Peter, Bobby, Jessica, Heather and everyone who had something to do with this. To my mom my siblings, and my uncles I love you for all your support. I’ll be releasing Jimmy Choos May 22nd on all streaming platforms”.

Before we got off the phone with StaJe he told us this track will be the beginning of many singles to come that will give us insight on his life.

IN THE LYRICS “Jimmy Choos”

Jimmy Choos is a story about how StaJe and his best friend Nate, from Alabama, use to go out and party at all the college parties. StaJe started noticing his friend Nate Fox wearing a particular pair of shoes that seemed to interest all the ladies. He approached Nate, who was just as broke as him, about the story of the shoes he only wore when they went out. Nate informed StaJe that the shoes grabs the ladies attention because they are Jimmy Choos. Not knowing what that was, StaJe googled the shoes and saw the price. Wondering instantly how Nate was able to afford the $900 price tag he asked him how did you get them. Nate confessed that the shoes were a knockoff but insisted it’s all in the presentation.

StaJe grants a lot of his success to his best friend Nick Reynolds aka Nate Fox for helping him move to LA and stay on his couch while pursuing his music career. Things faired off well and they still remain best friends today.

“Jimmy Choos” streaming on all platforms May 22.

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