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Spotlight on digital storytelling: a chat with Isabella Mastrodicasa

Isabella Mastrodicasa is a talented producer and manager at Heroes and Villains Entertainment who is moving into new platforms to collaborate with digital creators. In addition, she produces scripted and unscripted content for film and television.

She currently runs Heroes and Villains Entertainment’s digital division, the company was founded in 2007 and it has since been established as one of the most progressive and respected entertainment companies in Hollywood, it was named one of the Top 20 Literary Management Companies in the business.

Outside of working with directors and writers, during the pandemic Isabella began to experiment with new platforms leading to collaboration with digital creators as well. She works with platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to large magazines, podcasts, and brands that hire their clients to create content for their campaigns.

“Part of my job is focused on managing talent who use their voice and creativity to inspire others in the digital community,” Isabella said. “I love to put my work and time at the service of those whose opinions I respect the most, and whose message I value the most. My goal is not only to make sure that my talent feels supported and appreciated in every step of their work so that they are fully free to create and empower their audiences but also to strategically advise and guide them in order to express their full potential and to help other women achieve anything they set their minds for .”  

“The stories we see on screen and social media in different forms have the power to educate, move, inspire and enlighten generations of people across the world, and can lead to radical changes,” Isabella said. “It is thrilling and exciting to see how these mediums are more often used to give space and voice to those people who have felt marginalized in our society for a long time because those are the stories that need to be amplified and nurtured right now.”

Currently,  she is committed to continuing to connect with talented storytellers across the world, creating something meaningful and powerful with them to share with the world.

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