Some Indian states and their specific bridal attires!

Every different State of India has its own style of traditions wedding and accordingly the best attire and style of dressing for the bride and grooms. But today, we are talking about the brides especially. It goes without saying that their attire is the soul of every marriage function and that is why given lot of importance as well.

  • Some bridal attires as per the States of India!

If you are a would be bride and want to select your bridal attire as per your State’s traditions then this post will certainly be very useful to you. Remember, you can get all these bridal attires from Ronakians lehenga brand in Alwar.

  1. Sikh Bride — A Sikh Bride is fully covered in vibrant colours of pink, reds of maroons on her big day with lots of Jewllery and a Chooda! The work on her lehenga or Anarkali is rich and very expensive and mostly in tints of gold. You can get these pretty easily in a lehenga shop in Alwar.
  1. Bengali Bride — The Bengali Bride is mostly seen in shocking red or traditional white saree with red borders during her wedding day. The fine Zari work on her attire makes her look totally royal and stunning. Along with a big maang tikka, red tikki and Alta on her legs, she’s considered a true beauty ready for her big day. You can easily get this type of attire in a nice bride dress showroom in Alwar if you want.
  1. Tamilian Bride — The brides from Tamil look extremely graceful and stunning in their traditional red and off white saree flaunting lots of gold. If you aren’t in Tamil Nadu and still want such bridal outfit in Alwar, Ronakians has it there for you. With the most stunning braid and gold and floral Jewllery on this braid, she looks totally captivating.

These are some of the very important and biggest States of India. You’ll find a lot of brides other than these places mimicking their style to get ready on their wedding day. And since it’s easy to get these from a designer bridal lehenga shop in Alwar, it becomes all the more easier for them to adopt these styles.