So, who is a makeup artist? Tahmineh Chizari, Iranian makeup artist, explains

A makeup artist is considered to be a beauty doctor. They represent general makeup services or participate in designing prostheses required for makeup.

Their primary duty includes increasing the beauty of the face using makeup, making an ordered appearance for the customer, and cooperating with actors in movie sets.

What are the duties of makeup artists?

Consulting with the customers and creating an ordered appearance based on their preferred specifications.

Determining the best color and materials for the customer.

Having enough helpful information about various color palettes and designing styles to create a good look.

They should create exclusive designs for the customer, so they are expected to know the latest trends and tricks about makeup.

Makeup and cleansing are after finishing the job.

Besides working with photographers to consider the best light while doing the makeup, the person must also work with Costume designers, stage designers, and stylists to ensure the makeup’s consistency and look.

In some cases, the makeup artist is needed to be skilled in designing prostheses for special effects and have good knowledge about the model’s theatrical character in photography and videography. They must use the models and fashion magazines as references and advise the customers about skincare programs. A makeup artist must be experienced in the beauty business and understand the elements of cinema style, like lighting. They also need to pay attention to the details and have a creative mind. There is no need to have a degree related to hairdressing, but it is advised that they especially pass the makeup tutorials in this field.