Simple EdTech Businesses earn Romy Johnson 3.5 crores in a year

Romy Johnson who founded Cool Gurus, British India academy and Xaare is a 21-year-old highly motivated entrepreneur. Cool Gurus offers free and paid online courses for English to Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish and Indian speakers. 

When asked Romy Johnson shared with us the top 6 things one should know to a successful EdTech entrepreneur in the next decade and beyond.

  • Do not shy away from taking risks

Romy says “I knew I had to take the risk of devoting time and money towards transforming IELTS training”. It is important that you take the risk of putting capital and sincere effort towards growing a company. 

  • Let students in the content creation process

Many of the startup companies focus on delivering and creating course curriculum on their own. This perhaps is not enough. When creating courses ask students about what they need in their learning process, take feedbacks in the form of questions, answer them to make the learning a two-way process.

  • Just start

A startup company cannot be perfect from the start. Build your company now and improve later you get feedbacks, ideas to fix and add things. So don’t be afraid to introduce new features

  • Be a part of the global education community

Make an effort to participate in the camps, conferences, and take advantage of the education sphere and online communities. Keep up the emerging trends and practices that will greatly improve your products. Make connections with other educators.

  • Give freedom to archive work

In case your EdTech business shuts down, the effort put by educators should not be lost. If the unthinkable happens they need to be able to save their work and the skills that they developed including using new web tools, making lesson plans, etc should not be lost. The remedy to this is allowing the users to export and archive their work.

  • Seek feedback and act on it

Taking regular surveys and collecting data is a great way to document the experience of students and teachers. Make sure with the help of developers you act on the requests of students and make the necessary improvements.

Romy Johnson shares more valuable advice on his Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you follow him.

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