Showcases Community Resiliency Beautification Day ; Montecito

Every year on the primary Saturday in November, Montecitans meet at the Community Green in the Upper Village, put on gloves and select hardware to fan into the area and put some affection into their locale. It’s a hands-on understanding of dealing with one’s neighborhood.

The current year’s topic is Resilient is Brilliant and the occasion starts at 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, at 1470 East Valley Road.

“This is our 34th annual Beautification Day. That’s a hallmark of Montecito’s sustained, dedicated effort in coming together to care for our community,” said Trish Davis, a long-term Montecito inhabitant and vigorous volunteer.

“It’s a lovely, neighborly way of putting our hands on our community to demonstrate our pride and love of Montecito,” said Montecito president Megan Orloff. “We love seeing our community come together to do great things.”

The Montecito Association urges neighbors to partake. The day opens with breakfast gave by San Ysidro Ranch. Members will at that point head to pre-assigned stations to clean and improve zones that need some additional assistance.

Supporters give the subsidizing to create Beautification Day. “It really takes a village,” said Sharon Byrne, Montecito Association executive director. “Montecito has a very village-y feel to it, and the reason is because neighbors know each other here, and really like doing things together as a community.”

“Since the Thomas disasters, Montecito has consistently come together in ways we never imagined before, to heal and rebuild as a community,” said Houghton Hyatt, beautification chair. “With the Common Table last year, the 4th of July, we see that our community is really resilient and we want to support and celebrate that. Beautification Day represents the very best of the Montecito spirit.”

Supporters adorn the back of the yearly Beautification Day shirt, a long-standing convention. The beautification group hangs past occasion shirts on a garments line at the occasion start, to imply its history.

“We have a hard time making room for everyone on the t-shirt every year, because so many neighbors support this event,” said Mindy Denson, long-time volunteer organizer for Beautification Day. “This is a very good problem to have, as a community.”

To jump on the shirt, sponsorship must be gotten by Monday Oct. 14.

After the tidy up and beautification endeavors are finished, neighbors accumulate in the Upper Green for a festival, with honors given for Citizen of the Year, the Cito Best-Dressed Merchant Window, and best work of art for the occasion from nearby schools.

Kids from Mount Carmel, Montecito Union, Laguna Blanca and Cold Spring schools will submit work of art speaking to the topic of Resilient is Brilliant.

“Children’s creativity just makes us all smile from ear-to-ear,” said Cindy Feinberg, who is in charge of collecting and displaying the artwork on storefront windows in the Montecito Village. “Children’s spirits are just so resilient. How do you decide which art is the best, when they’re all so joyful and uplifting?”

Lunch is given by Montecito Village Grocery, and cooked by Montecito Firefighters. Volunteers are asked to bring their own water bottles, as there will be different water stations accessible for tops off.

“We try to be environmentally conscious here. If everyone does a little, together we can accomplish a lot,” said Kathi King, Montecito Association board part.

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