Shohreh Ghamar : How to become a better actor

Prominent and capable actors, whose names are heard everywhere these days, all mentioned in their interviews that the following points were checked by the director in their auditions:

In the script you read and how much you pay attention to the feelings in the dialogues and their presentation. In the performance of a few minutes, they ask you to play a short role for them, like this short scenario:

“Suppose you are in an elevator, and you are going to take yourself to an important appointment, when someone stops the elevator doors from closing with their feet. A few seconds after entering, you notice a bad smell inside the elevator. Yes, that man is holding a piece of plastic waste with a hole in the corner and it is leaking… “

In order to get an acceptable grade from this section, you must follow two things.

One: not having stress

Two: Focus

Both of them can be practiced with previous training and preparation on the day of the audition session.