Shiva Nosrati: The promising music artist gaining tremendous success with her creative music craft. Ruling the industry and millions of audience’s hearts with her most successful song – “TAVALOAD”.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed umpteen number of new talents coming in the music industry. Be it be pop, jazz, RnB, Hip-Hop or Rapp, there has been a huge genre of music for the greater crowd to reach. Today listeners around the world have developed a taste of different music which is much more creative and catchier. Today artists find different ways to attract the listeners, make it more creative, captivating, and tuneful for all. People who then like the tune of it keep humming the songs all days and with the advent of social media and multiple platforms the songs become viral to reach to a bigger chunk of crowd. Meet one such stupendous music artist Shiva Nosrati. Her songs and unique music craft have enabled her to generate a huge fan base for himself and whose popularity have grown in double digits in the past few months.

Grew-up with the only passion of music and to built a career as a music artist. But her journey was not cake walk. She grinds herself hard with her strong desire and determination for her work. The artist has enthralled the millions of people and industry with her songs like – Tavaload, Khooneye Akhar, Me Ashaghe To Hastarom, Dige Dire, Yaghi, Gole Khakestari, Tamare bi Javab and many more. All songs are blockbuster hit. Her creative music craft is enhanced in her songs efficiently. Her patience, consistent performance and knowledge is the asset of her astonishing music journey.

Shiva is a self-made girl. All she achieved is purely on her music talent. Artist like her always do justice to the music and entertain the massive listeners, which pours bliss in their life. This is just beginning, much more music art is yet to come by our most promising music artist Shiva Nosrati.

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