Shipping a Car to the UK

UK is not as easy to reach by car through the English Channel as other countries – you will know that. Left-hand traffic on the island is always an adventure for inexperienced people. It is all the more important to leave the transport of a valuable vehicle from one country to someone who is very familiar with it.

If you want to drive your car from your home country in UK for a long time, you should have it registered as soon as possible after your arrival in the UK.

Motor vehicle tax
Moving a car / vehicle from one country to another within the EU is, as you would expect, somewhat easier than importing a vehicle outside the EU. But there are certain rules that you should know. If you bring a new car / vehicle to some country, you will likely pay 19% German VAT within days of purchasing the car. (If you have already paid VAT in the country of purchase, you should be able to get a refund once you have registered the car)

Visitors can drive a foreign vehicle in the UK for up to 6 months (within one year) as long as all taxes and insurance have been paid for the vehicle in their home country.

Shipping a Car to the UK, they transports vehicles in Europe every year. As a result, there is hardly a question and little detail about a transport between UK and America that they do not know. Customs formalities, insurance issues and the necessary know-how on how a valuable vehicle can survive the journey unscathed are a matter of course for them. They will ship your car internationally, simply, safely and reliably. Years of experience in the worldwide transport of vehicles of all kinds makes Berlin Motors your leading vehicle transport and logistics specialist. Request a free quote for the international transport of your vehicle! 

Specializing in car imports to Europe, Middle East, China and Australia, Berlin Motors offers worldwide car shopping, international shipping and export services.  As a licensed and insured auto dealer and transportation broker, they only ship vehicles through our selected shipping partners that meet our high standards. We also offer secure escrow services to safely buy vehicles on eBay Motors and other online auto auctions on behalf of our customers.


Almost every vehicle is loaded with a revolutionary metal rack system and without the use of wood or nails. Vehicles are only strapped to the wheels, which gives the cars more space in the container and minimizes the risk of damage. 

Container Service

If you opt for a container service, we suggest that you take advantage of our specialized container shipping service in which your vehicle will be loaded in a 40-foot container. A ro-ro is a ship used to transport, among other vehicles, loaded with one or more access ramps where they are braced and secured. As mentioned above, the container is a better method because it provides additional protection from the natural elements while the vehicle is inside a container.

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