See How Alessandro Marinella Is Scaling Through The Competitive International Clothing Market

Presently, the fashion industry has become very competitive because a lot of entrepreneurs adopting unique approaches to their brand. Any fashion brand looking to stand out in today’s market must provide the best services to its customers.

E.Marinella is one brand that continues to scale through the international clothing market’s competition. Since its establishment in 1914, the brand has continued to serve as a universal symbol of craftsmanship and tailoring excellence. The E.Marinella brand is known for making one of the best neckties that blend with corporate fashion. So far, reputable personalities and celebrities prefer the E.Marinella ties made from the finest Neapolitan fabrics. 

Don Eugenio Marinella has passed down this service of fashion excellence through generations. From Maurizio Marinella to Alessandro, the E.Marinella brand has grown from a little shop in Naples to a reputable brand in the fashion industry. Currently, the mantle of leadership has been passed to Alessandro Marinella, who is keeping the brand’s traditional flag of excellence flying. 

Alessandro has groomed himself for this leadership role because of his passion for bringing Neapolitan fashion to the rest of the world. He has received good and formative experiences from his early years at the Liceo Scientifico Mercalli in Chiaia to his Business Administration program at the University of Naples, Federico II.

Striving for Fashion Excellence

As a fashion brand, E.Marinella continues to excel because the objective is to provide quality fashion services rather than focus on profit-making. According to the company’s CEO, most brands at the international level focus on obtaining greater profit from a single activity, but E.Marinella does not share this philosophy. 

“The printing of our ties is one of the hurdles; even our simplest ties are done by hand in England, through a classic, laborious, and expensive procedure that we are aware of. However, the quality and feeling you get when you touch a printed and hand-sewn silk tie is one-of-a-kind and unrivalled, and it goes beyond the market’s competitive costs. We are proud to be one of the few companies in the world that still uses this process, which combines sartorial skill, hand-made printing, and high-quality materials,” Alessandro Marinella reveals.

Also, E.Marinella is active in the social field and safeguards its tradition and culture. The brand has never lost touch with its Neapolitan origin, and this continues to attract customers globally because Naples is known for its rich culture. In line with this, Alessandro Marinella is utilizing technology as a tool for extending E.Marinella across frontiers. 

The young CEO understands the power of marketing through social media tools. With over 22 thousand followers on Instagram, Alessandro Marinella is one of the very few entrepreneurs in the tailoring industry to adopt social media marketing and use social media as a strong tool in commerce.
“E.Marinella uses three major hashtags that encapsulate its goals, that is #craftsmanship #tradition #elegance. A tradition since it is a traditional and historical Maison that was formed in 1914 and is associated with a wealth of expertise and responsibility. Elegance is a word that has always been associated with E. Marinella, and it can be found in all of our accessories. Craftsmanship because all our products are the result of processes made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen,” Alessandro says.