Seahawks vs. Cardinals: Seattle Seahawks get back of first place in NFC West with 28-21 win over Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals show up in Seattle in the wake of pulling off a sensational, Hail-Mary TD as time lapsed to top the Buffalo Bills a week ago. Yet, they’ll be without beginning protective handles Corey Peters and Jordan Phillips.

With full back Carlos Hyde back in the setup, the Seahawks could hope to build up a run game, which could likewise help balance Seattle’s offense and ease the heat off Wilson in the passing game.

The Seahawks have an association best .788 winning rate in early evening since 2010 (31-8-1), remembering a 9-1 record for Thursday night and 21-3 at home in that length.

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Follow with below for live updates of Seahawks-Cardinals from Lumen Field:

Q4 2:19 — Seahawks settle for field goal. Score: 28-21, Seahawks.

The Seahawks bit up a ton of clock on a drive that at last finished in a fruitful field objective endeavor.

Q4 9:12 — Seahawks get a wellbeing to broaden lead. Score: 25-21, Seahawks.

The Seahawks stuck the Cardinals against the endzone after a baffling drive. An expensive holding punishment in the endzone from the Cardinals brought about a security and two additional focuses for the Seahawks before they got the show on the road once more.

Q4 13:19 — Cardinals close the hole with a TD. Score: 23-21, Seahawks.

The Cardinals got it going.

In the wake of letting the Seahawks broaden the lead, the Cardinals made it as far as possible up to not long before the objective line. At that point, as the Seahawks deserted man-to-man inclusion, Kyler Murray discovered Chase Edmonds fully open in the endzone.

Q3 5:20 — Seahawks get another. Score: 23-14, Seahawks.

It was a sensational drive.

A Cardinals protector brought down Tyler Lockett on a play, moving his leg clumsily. From that point forward, the Cardinals got an insulting punishment after a battle nearly broke out between Dre Kirkpatrick and D.K. Metcalf.

At that point a colossal run from Carlos Hyde brought the Seahawks inside a couple of yards of the endzone. Hyde then ran it in for the score.

Q3 10:07 — Cardinals answer back with TD. Score: 16-14, Seahawks.

The Cardinals exploited exorbitant punishments from the Seahawks protection. In the wake of surrendering 30 free yards, the Seahawks had no response for a pass from Kyler Murray to Dan Arnold, which brought about a score.

Halftime — Seahawks sneak a field objective as the clock ticks away. Score: 16-7, Seahawks.

The Cardinals got the opportunity to get a score before halftime, after which they would get the show on the road once more.

Be that as it may, the Seahawks’ safeguard, which had been permeable throughout the season, halted them once more, giving Russell Wilson and friends the ball once more. Nonetheless, the Seahawks were halted from a score even after a significant pass obstruction call against the Cardinals. The Seahawks then made due with a three-point endeavor.

Q2 8:27 — Lockett gets Seahawks’ second TD. Score: 13-7, Seahawks.

The Seahawks looked alive again on their subsequent scoring drive. Because of huge runs from Bo Scarbrough and Carlos Hyde, the Seahawks were energizing the field.

At last, Russ cooked. He associated with Tyler Lockett for one of their celebrated score passes, gotten on the edge of the endzone as Lockett dawdled, keeping the ball in play.

The Seahawks then missed the field objective endeavor.

Q2 13:51 — Arizona grab their first TD. Score: 7-7.

After two three-and-outs, the Cardinals sewed a fruitful drive together. Much obliged to some degree to a gigantic pass from Kyler Murray, the Cardinals ended up inside a couple of yards of the endzone.

Kenyan Drake at last pigeon in for the score, however not without dramatization. At first the play was known as a turnover from an alleged bobble from Drake. It was then toppled.

Q1 8:45 — Russell associates with Metcalf for first TD of the game. Score: 7-0, Seahawks.

The Seahawks began the game with a scoring drive that ate up practically 50% of the principal quarter.

With Carlos Hyde back, the ‘Birds of prey had the option to run and leave their way behind the greater part of the field. At that point, when a play appeared as though it could separate, Russell Wilson found a fully open and beforehand triple-joined D.K. Metcalf in the endzone, who scored the main score of the game.