Screaming out of Oklahoma City the band LESS LOVE releases their new single Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)

LESS LOVE breaks the mold of modern rock. Today new music addresses no real anger anymore. Good or bad the best you can hope for is maybe some mild whimpering and whining while trying to remain respectful of everybody’s feelings. It is not politically correct to outright complain and point fingers of blame. It is even less acceptable to do so by incorporating terms labeled as hate speech.

Echoing back to the music of the seventies LESS LOVE has created a new single that is an equal cross between Randy Newman and MC5. The song is Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans). The mood is pissed off.

Discussing racism in the United States in a recent Muzique Magazine interview LESS LOVE singer Sky Mac explained we got where we are because an openly racist President has spent four years bad-mouthing Mexicans and belittling third world countries. Now we have a nation of white privilege that can’t sympathize with the less fortunate. It was this current state of affairs that led to the writing of Snow White Trash.

Holding nothing back this is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. When listening to the track the intensity of the band’s anger can be felt even in the style of their playing. Right or wrong they are calling a racist a racist. It goes against the idea of acceptance and understanding. So then the question is: can society take it?

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