Sat Nijjer Is an Example of Innovative Entrepreneur

Sat Nijjer is the owner of Fortel. He has the vision of helping people to work in his construction company to achieve their goals. He is an innovative entrepreneur.

Sat Nijjer and his company are very innovative in whatever they do in their company. They are providing construction and civil engineering services to the customers for very long time, and this is the main reason why they are gaining so much progress with their devotion, high-quality services, innovative methods, and much more. They are working towards becoming the most innovative entrepreneur in the world because they are adopting new things and technology as soon as it comes into the industry. Well, we agree that this is the most innovative entrepreneur construction company located in the UK right now.

Sat Nijjer

Well, here we are going to share with you the three main ways in which Fortel are proving themselves as the most innovative ones in the whole industry right now. Let us understand this in detail given below.

Mechanization is very important for any company to want to call itself the innovative company of that time. Well, Fortel is on doing that with so much class. There are so many machines which they use for this purpose and in order to handle it they have trained staff. Its mechanization at every level is making the work of this company very innovative.

The new technology which Fortel are using includes so many different methods, such as flat slabbing, twin walls, etc. All of these things are done in a very unique and different way than they used to be done in the past by the company. Also, those old methods are in use by the different companies still, but this one company has adopted new ways and that is main reason why it is an example of an innovative entrepreneur company. Just keep this in mind and you will understand that why it is progressing so much because the efforts at the back end is too many in number.

This is a very common practice of the Fortel that they are now making things off-site and then transfer them to the main location where the construction and civil engineering project is actually going on. Well, this simple innovative method of working is helping them in many ways because they do not have to move vehicles and equipment to the main site. Rather they construct units at their factory outlet and then transfer to the main location. Off-site fabrication is the most innovative step they have taken in their business.

Sat Nijjer has started this construction company with one intention that it will grow into the most innovative company for construction in the whole world, and today it is gaining that status. It is working on every aspect of its company, from working to staff and the construction items for their vehicles and equipment. Everything is new and the methodology or technology is the most advanced and innovative one. We can say that this is the example of the most innovative entrepreneurship in the world right now. If you are looking for such an option for your construction needs, then try them and see how innovatively they will handle your project.

About Sat Nijjer

Sat Nijjer joined the family-owned business as operations director in 2005. He has a BSc in Computer Science and a career in investment banking with the US Company, Bear Stearns. He became chief executive in 2012, the second generation of the family to lead the company. He is involved in the economic development of Walsall Borough through a seat the Walsall Economic Board an Alumni Member of The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and Vice-Chairman of the Asian Sports Foundation.

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