Samsung is in serious water over allegedly bogus Space Zoom moon images

A Reddit thread over the weekend caused a stir for placing Samsung in a precarious position. It claims that by exploiting its 100x Space Zoom capability to shoot “fake” moonshots, the corporation is deceiving its customers.

When Samsung released the Galaxy S20 Ultra, they unveiled Space Zoom. The business has since promoted it as a fantastic instrument for photographing the moon. Samsung has often insisted that it employs AI to improve these 100x digital zoom pictures. A SamMobile report from 2021 called the feature a gimmick, explaining how Samsung overlays textures obtained from much higher-resolution images of the moon on the shots you take using the Space Zoom feature.

So, Redditors are annoyed with Samsung for not being transparent about adding textures and details where none exist, despite the fact that Samsung has been rather forthright about employing AI deep learning to provide high-quality moon images. However, Huawei has already been charged with not completely disclosing how its Moon Mode actually operates. According to user testing, the Huawei P30 was inserting previously captured moon pictures into its lunar shots.