Roy Vanono on the Importance of CSR and How Jumbo Stock is Doing its Bit

Transitioning from one business sector to another, to make it your flagship venture is not an easy task to accomplish, but Roy Vanono, owner and founder of Jumbo stock makes it look like a walk in the part.

Jumbo Stock, which offers home furnishing products and designs, started in 2015 by Roy, now has 11 stores all over Israel. It is set to take over from its Chinese counterparts by delivering extra special, quality assured products at cheaper prices.

 In a very short span of time, Jumbo Stock has become Israel’s favourite. Apart from giving tough competition to its Chinese counterparts, Jumbo Stock has also guaranteed Israel’s citizens a sustainable business image by readily taking part and contributing through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Over the last years, Jumbo Stock has ensured that it doesn’t run solely for profit, but for securing a stable and independent business environment in the country, which no foreign company is able to overtake. It has helped through different social schemes provided by the government, donated and helped in overall upliftment of the Israelis.

 In 2019, Jumbo stock transitioned into an online system with home-delivery services. On cheap prices offered by Chinese firms, Roy says “Chinese sites, a delivery arrives within a month and for me within a day or two and at the prices of the Internet both in the store and on the site”. Roy has ensured a trustworthy relationship with the citizens not only through its CSR, but with their own working system also.
Born in Harziliya Pitauch, Israel, Roy started this company in 2015. Over the years the company has improved its quality of service without increasing costs which allows it to maintain a steady relationship with the customers and grow.

It has 11 stores in Israel today. It offers intricately designed and customised home furnishings and furniture built with a personal touch. Recently after becoming an online store also, Jumbo Stock now delivers all its designs and furnishings at the same price, so that the customers do not have to step out and can choose from a variety of designs online. Roy’s passion for growth reflects in Jumbo Stock.

Journey of Jumbo Stock from one to eleven stores is proof of expertise that Roy Vanano professes. He is talented, young and is on the path to bigger success in future.

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