Rohit Verma, a close friend of Nisha Rawal, says she isn’t a bad person, but boundaries must be respected

Fashion designer Rohit Verma has once spoken about his dear companion and entertainer Nisha Rawal and her relationship with Karan Mehra. The two or three has been in information for a long while now after Nisha evened out abusive behavior at home and different charges against her significant other, actor Karan Mehra. the two as of late likewise blamed each other for an extra-conjugal undertaking.

Addressing Siddharth Kanan, Rohit uncovered a few insights concerning Nisha and Karan’s relationship. “There were issues in their marriage in 2014 and I saved their marriage and caused Karan to comprehend how he was veering off-track. Yet, Nisha is that sort of an individual that she is eager for adoration. She came from a wrecked family and never got her dad’s affection. Her mom carried her up with a great deal of tolerance. All nisha’s exes used to spoil her a great deal. I have seen her excursion. She is a particularly reasonable young lady and there’s Sarasvati in her tongue. She can persuade anybody. That is her in addition to point. That is her USP. She’s not a terrible individual. In any case, when you stand with your companion and your companion goes on some unacceptable street, you need to tell them.”

Recently, Karan had blamed Nisha for going behind him and living’s back with Rohit Sathia. Addressing a distribution he had said, “Nisha is dating a man named Rohit Satia. He has been around with us since quite a while. He acted like Nisha’s rakhi sibling and furthermore played out her kanyadaan and I would never feel that something like this would scheme between them. He is remaining at my home with Nisha and my little child is available in a similar which is ethically sketchy at many levels. Bhai-Bahan Ka Rishta Pavitra Rishta Hota Hai. However, in this present circumstance it has turned into a joke.”

While Nisha hasn’t answered the claims, Rohit Satia did. He even blamed Karan for an undertaking outside marriage. however he referenced no names. He claimed that there is a young lady in Karan Mehra’s life, who is the purpose for his ruined relationship with Neha. In spite of the fact that Rohit didn’t uncover her name, he determined that the initials of the young lady’s name are ‘MM’. “Ask Karan who is MM. Those are the initials I am giving out. There’s a young lady MM in his life. I’m not uncovering her name now, but rather ‘MM’ was one reason behind Karan and Nisha’s partition,” he told a publication.

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal secured the bunch on November 24, 2012. The couple is blessed with a child kid, Kavish Mehra.