Ric Flair’s Last Match: Wrestling Fans React to Star’s Bloody Farewell

Pro wrestling legend Ric Flair got back to the ring Sunday night for what was charged as his last match. However he arose successful, the horrendous match has many fans trusting “The Nature Boy” has to be sure balanced up his sequined robes once and for all.

Flair is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, and he’s turned into a mainstream society peculiarity no matter what anyone else might think, as has his mark “Wooo!” call. He’s been name-checked by rappers from Kanye West to Pusha T, while Offset devoted an entire melody to him (2017’s “Ric Flair Drip”). The genuine games world affects master grappling with ESPN delivering a full length narrative on him in 2017.

Superstar status to the side, Flair is 73 years of age with a pacemaker in his chest. He’s likewise just five years eliminated from being set in a therapeutically prompted unconsciousness in the wake of encountering entanglements from gut a medical procedure. Pizazz was so near death during the 2017 wellbeing experience that last ceremonies were purportedly perused.

Thus alone, many wrestling fans are trusting that the Fite TV pay-per-view occasion on Sunday — suitably named “Ric Flair’s Last Match” — will be the legend’s last cutthroat appearance.

“Unquestionably, #RicFlairsLastMatch was one of the most unnerving and most disturbing things I’ve at any point watched,” one person tweeted on Monday. “I had to settle myself with the idea that I was going to watch Ric Flair die on live tv.”

“The people around Ric Flair ought to have effectively forestalled that match since that was awful. It’s additionally miserable that legends believe that they need to do this until they die,” another post read.

Pizazz has thrown in the towel previously. In 2008, he wrestled Shawn Michaels at WWE’s WrestleMania XXIV in what was charged as his retirement match. Relatively soon, he visited Australia with Hulk Hogan for an autonomously advanced occasion. He likewise wrestled for the advancement TNA. Notwithstanding, it had been over 10 years before Sunday’s occasion at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium since he last contended.

His “last match” this time was a tag-group undertaking, and he banded together with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo. (Andrade is hitched to Ashley Fliehr, also called current WWE star Charlotte Flair.) Their rivals for the occasion were Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

During the match, Flair pretended a respiratory failure to exploit Lethal. He likewise wound up ridiculous after Jarrett went after him with a high-obeyed shoe. The ruthless match left man fans glad that Flair survived.

“Delighted to hear Ric Flair is as yet alive after that match,” said a fan communicating a famous opinion.

However, a lot of people felt Flair adapted to the situation.

One Twitter client said, “@RicFlairNatrBoy is STILL The Man!” While someone else remarked, “Ric Flair just conveyed the best execution in many years… .”

“Ric Flair is a staggeringly imperfect person, yet as a grappler, I’m experiencing no criticism. I can’t blame him for needing to feel invigorated one final time. Also, he’s on the Mount Rushmore of genius grapplers,” read one post.