Reza Jalali, an Iranian entrepreneur, describes entrepreneurs as follows

An entrepreneur is usually referred to as a person who has started a trade. Also, when we hear the term “entrepreneur,” we tend to attribute it to a person who invested. The standard meaning of entrepreneurship is initiating a company or association to be profitable or satisfy social needs. We have used earnings or social needs to split business entrepreneurship from social and charitable entrepreneurship. After describing entrepreneurship, let us explain who an entrepreneur is and what they do.

An entrepreneur develops a business sample, feeds the physical and human finances required to begin a new venture, makes it functional, and is accountable for its success or failure. Focus on the phrase “accountable for success or failure” because an entrepreneur is different from a professional manager; This implies that the entrepreneur either invests their money from their resources or increases the funds from other sources and is therefore accountable for failure as well as bonus if they succeed, while the professional manager completes the work assigned to them by taking payment into account. In other words, an entrepreneur, in addition to creating a new corporation, is risk-averse and innovative, while the professional manager is only an administrator.

Characteristics of entrepreneurs

First and principal, we look at the talents and capabilities that an entrepreneur should have; they must take the ambition and come up with an idea for making a change or a new potential concept that can succeed in a crowded market. Note that investors are usually willing to invest in theories and concepts that they feel are generating adequate returns on their finances and investment, and therefore an entrepreneur needs a genuinely ingenious idea for the new acquisition.

Characteristics of leadership

An entrepreneur needs to have excellent corporate and administrative management skills to build an organization or asset from scratch, communicate with its employees, and ensure stakeholders of the success of the investment.

In addition, the entrepreneur must be a manager who can motivate his employees and a person with a mission-oriented vision because the entrepreneur must encourage and direct the investment. This means that an entrepreneur should have leadership, values, team-building, and managerial skills are critical skills and characteristics.