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‘Resident Evil 2’ Players Have Already Played For A Combined 1,341 years

Capcom refreshed with Resident Evil 2’s most recent player details, uncovering some interesting tidbits in the process..

For one, notwithstanding the game just being out since Friday, players have just put in 1,341 years 248 days 13 hours and 7 minutes of recess into the survival-horror remake. What’s more, as would expect, 37 of these years have been spent on riddles.

Of the recorded play sessions, 1,608,978 have played as Leon, while 733,524 players have played as Claire. Players have additionally been picking Leon for their first playthroughs at a rate of 79 percent.

In the mean time, players have killed more than 94 million enemies,, and have strolled about 34 million km, which is nearly the distance from Earth to Venus.

Obviously the handgun has been predominately the weapon of decision. Interestingly, Claire has a 13.8 slaughter/passing proportion, which is considerably superior to Leon’s proportion, which is 9.7.

The most well-known demise? Being crushed. The rarest demise? Being made into mincemeat. Then, players are chucking out herbs and sub-weapons pretty ordinarily, and normally accumulating black powder.

You get the point. There’s a ton of cool stats, and on the off chance that stats are your kind of thing, try to look at the above-connected for additional.

It should to be noted however that the stats are not thorough, and just incorporate players that have selected in for Capcom’s stat tracking at the start of the game. As it were, stats like what number of duplicates the amusement has sold or what number of players have played it can’t be dependably uncovered from underneath the site. In any case, for increasingly granular data, it’s an granular information, it’s a pretty good tool.

Resident Evil 2is accessible for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Right now of publishing, there’s been no expression of a Nintendo Switch port. Be that as it may, Capcom hasn’t precluded one, which means such a port could at present happen sometime in the future..

For more news, data, and media on the game, make sure to look at all of our past inclusion of the survival-horror remake by clicking right here. And of course, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think of not just the stats in the article, but of the game in general.

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