Regarding Parsa Peykar’s achievements in art therapy, he applies art therapy at Los Angeles prison and has authored three published books. “The Bird from the kingdom of heaven” is available and translated into Persian  

Art therapy:

Art therapy is a procedure of treatment by which somebody gets involved in creating a piece of art while this new experience cures physically, mentally, and emotionally. By joining the visionary technique of making an artwork, someone commences depicting his artistic aspects to control his behaviors and feelings, relieve stress, and enhance his self-awareness and self-esteem. To use art therapy, one must not be talented in art. It is adequate to express your suppressed emotions and insights through artistic means. During the process, experts and specialists can guide you and analyze the hidden messages in your artwork. Art therapy plays a key role in the recovery and cure of various crises. It can be applied to treat individual issues from different aspects because people express themselves and reach a kind of self-awareness during it.

other definitions of art therapy according to Parsa Peykar:

Art therapy sometimes means treatment through creation or expression. Art therapy allows people to represent themselves and get well familiar with their feelings and emotions during the process. Paints, markers, pencils, and chalks that can be used for drawing are required for the procedure.

Art therapy is a combination of psychotherapy approaches and psychological insight into the dimensions of the process of creativity; In particular, using and identifying effective properties in different fabrics and tools. Art therapy constructs art to increase individuals’ self-awareness and yields personal growth, improving skills to face different challenges and increasing cognitive skills and practices. Art therapy is based on theories about personality, human evolution, psychology, family systems, and art education. Art therapists are educated in both art and psychology.