Reaching the highest realms of information technology field is UAE-based Waheed Al Marzooqi

His prowess and passion as a technical leader have saved his country from much malware and cybercrimes.

Technology today has risen to such levels that even the experts had not predicted about the massive revolutionary changes it would bring out in the world. However, we were always sure about the many inventive changes that the world would bring along with several new advances in technology. The times that we are living in today are driven by the online world, where most population across the globe spends their time. With this advancement, some have also become slaves of the internet and the crimes relating to the same are growing each passing day. More and more people have come at the receiving end of this and have become victims to cybercrimes. This is a grave issue that many countries are facing today and to come to the rescue for the country and for the people, experts are needed who can combat such cyber issues. We came across one dynamic technical leader in the field of information security and smart devices named Waheed Al Marzooqi, who is determined to save his homeland by the increased malware and online threats.

The field of technology is what always attracted Marzooqi and he showed innate abilities to understand and grasp the knowledge of all things technical since a very early age. Born in 1989, since the beginning, Marzooqi decided that he would take over the field of information security and prove his mettle in the same with his knowledge and astute leadership skills. Marzooqi began his career from the year 2006 when he worked for the significant population of the Unites Arab emirates where he grew as a security expert and protected the people from the online threats, electronic extortion and accounts and online hackers as well.

Right from being the child who was amazed by technologies around him to becoming the CEO of Technical Support Company, one can know the growth pattern and success of Marzooqi as an entrepreneur as well. The journey till now; however, was quite challenging for him, but his constant urge to come up with more robust strategies and planning to save the country and the people from online threats and make efforts to shield them from the same, helped Marzooqi reached this status in his life. He has protected and secured several sites and electronic calculations as well. His expertise has led him to assist many people which includes not only the renowned Arabs but also famous personalities and artists, which has exceeded one hundred thousand cases so far.

He is a generous personality of the UAE who has done humanitarian works as well, by providing free technical services to many. He even advised the community on various social networking sites, their threats, etc. from 2015-2017. Apart from this, Marzooqi has been featured on multiple TV interviews and has published articles speaking on many topics of cybersecurity, malware and the like.

Marzouqi’s contributions have earned him many international certificates as well, which proves his passion and prowess in the field, making him a great example to the world as a leader in information security.

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