Q&A with Rico Suarez

You have an interesting background and story. Please tell us a little about it.

● Everyone does! My story begins from constant alienation from society, schools, peers, family, etc. Throughout all my life, I was not connected with my soul and was simply on auto pilot. Following all of society’s rules and what is “normal” and what I am supposed to be doing. My route was medicine. From a very young age, I was pressured to follow that path and years passed by without ever questioning it. All up until I began modeling and randomly landed myself in a room auditioning for some feature film. My life has never been the same since. Not because I landed the role and went on to achieve capital and accolades, but because I was awoken to a whole new world. A world of possibility. A word of creativity. A world so diverse and different from the same old average world I was living in, crossing off a checklist for years on the path of going to medical school. As soon as God touched my soul with this enlightenment, I did not ignore the calling. I graduated from college a few months later, and off I went to LA from Florida, where I dropped, sacrificed and left everything behind to pursue only God knew what was in store for me.

How did you get into modeling and acting?

● I got into modeling in the beginning of my senior year in college. I did it so that I could save up some cash for medical school which was going to put me in $500,000 of debt.. I started booking campaigns like crazy, giving me quite a bit of cash. It was very easy for me because I was very

comfortable with my body and being in front of the camera. I stumbled across acting because I had begun modeling and my agent had me go into an audition for a feature film. I really had no clue what was happening or what exactly I was supposed to do at an “audition”. I was like auditioning for what? Aren’t I supposed to just pose and wear some cool, unique clothes? I have to actually memorize some lines and repeat them in front of a camera? I was confused. I went in and bombed it. Got a call back. I actually took it seriously then and rehearsed and tried to give it my all. I went in and gave a stellar performance in the audition room in front of those two producers and they LOVED me. Not enough to give me the lead role, but enough to give me their positive feedback, which not many do. I became woke, and haven’t stopped performing since.

What is it like being on the set of hit shows like Penny Dreadful and Ballers? Any fun stories from the set?

● It was a really great experience! I got to meet and work with some pretty great people. These shows opened my eyes in this industry to what a big production looks like and what it takes to actually make a hit show. A LOT. I actually took away so much more than being a part of a huge production. I was inspired by the entire team. I now want to strive to produce, direct, write, all on top of also acting. I gained even more confidence by being a

part of these shows. I can only go up from here. It is such a great experience when everyone can joke around and have fun through the whole process because that is how it should be and not taking yourself so seriously ALL the time. I get it, “never break character”, but I also get that you will make mistakes so it’s best to laugh at yourself when you do because life is too short. That was my big takeaway from being on these two shows.

Tell us about your upcoming book titled Know YOUR Norms. What made you decide to self-publish this book?

● This book was written to describe the social norms that are followed every single day in today’s world. In society’s perspective, we all have to follow these sets of rules that make us “normal” and if we don’t, then we are “abnormal”, “crazy” or “weird”. This book was written for the sole purpose of making the reader aware of society and how it lands a person to act a certain way, which then limits their creativity and exposure. After finishing this book, the reader should have a spark in their brain, creating a paradigm shift from what they believed to be right, their entire life being not what they had chosen, rather what was imposed onto them without their realization. This book will relieve the world of being “average”. It will make the world more aware of the simulation that they go through daily, so that once brought into consciousness, it will be easier to break free from conformity. It is an everyday practice, however, the first step is to become aware it is happening. This book goes into depth with all the social norms placed subconsciously on our minds throughout an entire lifespan. I decided to self-publish this book for the purpose of having complete creative control of my work and because it is my first born baby! I have invested so much time and energy in this book that I want to be there every step of the way and make sure it gets out there properly.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

● In 5 years, I will have received an enormous amount of awards. I have worked and continue to work in big films/projects with Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen and Christopher Nolan. I have my own production company. I am an IMG model. I am a multi-millionaire. I have 10+ different businesses each generating millions of dollars a year. I have donated to a variety of charities and I founded and run my own. I am consistently going on mission trips to third-world countries to help build schools, educate and make sure they have basic access to healthcare and sanitation. I have a gorgeous Woman by my side who is my soulmate. I have kids. I have absolute control over my life and career. I am happy. I am full of bliss.

What is your favorite movie? TV show? Book?

● Movie – Goodfellas

● TV Show – The Queen of Flow

● Book – “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

What are your hobbies?

● I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, playing sports (mainly soccer), exercising, activism, innovating, researching, Science and human interaction.

Where have you traveled? Where is the place you would like to visit and why? ● I have traveled to Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Madrid, Barcelona, Croatia, London, Greece, Belgium, Paris, and more that I can’t think of off the top of my head. I would like to visit Thailand and backpack all Asia because I would like to further advance my knowledge in the practice of Eastern Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Have you ever been to Italy?

● I have not, but will definitely go sometime in the near future. I cannot leave this Earth without having experienced Italy’s famous and enriching culture.

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