Preserve bees by buying an NFT? It is possible with TheBeesKingdom

What distinguishes a high-quality NFT project roadmap from others? Gambling, passive income, and special benefits? And what if the goal of a plan was to do things differently and recommend activities that would have a long-term impact and be extremely useful?

TheBeesKingdom project sought to be constructed on this axis, and it is really different from the thousands of other projects we can observe in the NFT sector. It is undeniable that the NFT industry is rapidly expanding, with thousands of new opportunities for creators and investors being created every day. Every day, tens of thousands of projects are launched, making it impossible to identify one genuine idea from another.

TheBeesKingdom defies the tendency of initiatives that offer similar tasks on a regular basis by proposing to develop movements that can have a real impact on the world. Yes, you read that correctly: TheBeesKingdom is not simply another NFT project because their goals are considerably more ambitious and well-developed.

The project’s developers, who are passionate about the environment and bees, wanted to provide something to their community that went beyond the wonderful promises made by other projects. Their goal is to bring attention to a much more pressing but equally dramatic issue: the vanishing of bees as time passes.

TheBeesKingdom’s effort aims to contribute to this cause by proposing a path that could have a meaningful environmental impact: donating a portion of the company’s income to groups that seek to preserve bees. With a selling price of 0.2eth, the project will return $100,000, allowing the organization that receives them to launch large-scale initiatives that they would not have been able to achieve without the gift.

Because of this activity, as well as the backing of the project’s founders, community, and investors, an NFT initiative will, for the first time, combine the seemingly disparate concepts of investment and environment. At the same time, with such high expectations, this project may become one of the most successful.

The creators have also chosen to dedicate their efforts to another cause: that of the scammers in the NFT world who promise a lot but don’t deliver, and are in the process of setting up concrete actions in this regard.