Precision in coaching and enriching experience in the field of sales & digital finance turned Juan C Reynoso, a globally recognized entrepreneur

Precision in coaching and enriching experience in the field of sales & digital finance turned Juan C Reynoso, a globally recognized entrepreneur

The General Manager of Omegapro, Juan C Reynoso, has successfully transformed professionals into multimillionaires and has helped expand their businesses.

The digital revolution has enhanced the quantity and quality of services globally. Transactions happen in a blink of an eye, and it has helped move things quickly, with more precision. Due to technological advancements, teaching & educating also moved online, with many coaches or mentors emerging in the industry. Coaching and mentoring has today become a defining part behind an individual and business’ success. Among them is an incredibly talented and passionate entrepreneur, mentor and coach in leadership from the esteemed Maxwell Institute, who through his astute advice, guidance and knowledge has been buzzing high across industries; he is Juan C Reynoso.

Juan is a passionate mentor and entrepreneur, with experience of over 30 years. He hails from the US and has an in-depth knowledge of making a sale, as he worked as a Corporate Sales Executive for more than 24 years. He specialized in financial products for business owners that have worked with many big companies in the banking, telecommunications, and insurance sectors. Juan C Reynoso is the General Manager of the OMP network of companies including Omegapro. He has also had experience in the digital media world, working as an advertising consultant. Juan has been involved in the digital space for the past 5 years, providing his incredible and indelible advice to his clients across the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

He is passionate about the financial world and is dedicated to crafting out new entrepreneurs. Juan believes in a personalized approach and strives to provide the right education to professionals and individuals through their professional journeys, turning them into success stories. He also stresses the need of having great communication and convincing skills, along with a never-say-die positive attitude in the sales sector, where as a Sales Manager for financial products, he built skilled sales teams and led to the growth of them as well as the companies.

Juan also educates and advises people in the digital financial markets like Cryptocurrencies, forex trading, and digital banking. His enriching experience and keen observation skills have led him to mentor financial consultants, and to expand their revenue capacity. Juan C Reynoso’s astute and precise coaching has resulted in many entrepreneurs becoming millionaires, making him a globally recognized and sought-after entrepreneur, mentor and coach.

You can follow him on Instagram @juanreynosofficial

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