Pre-registrations for the Indian-made Indus Battle Royale are now available for Android devices

Since the government of India banned the two most popular games, PUBG and BGMI, because of their ties to China, mobile gamers have had it tough. Even if BGMI returns to India at this point, there are no assurances that it won’t be outlawed once more.

Games like PUBG and BGMI are the only ones on the market that can satisfy players’ craving for a battle royale, therefore players are forced to jump through a lot of hoops in order to get around these bans.

But a brand-new battle royale game is soon to be released, and the best part is that it was developed in India, therefore there won’t be any restrictions from the authorities! The game has been in development for a while and is dubbed Indus Battle Royale. It was first previewed in Times Square back in August 2022, and pre-registration for the game on Android devices has now started. Soon, iOS users will also be able to register for it.

Character and weapon designs appear to have been influenced by Apex Legends in terms of gameplay. The layouts are also extremely tidy with no distracting elements, and the gunplay appears to be fairly clean. What’s interesting is that Supergaming chose to hide the HUD in the gameplay trailer, so we have no idea if the game will also feature passive, active, and ultimate abilities like Apex legends.