Porsha Williams Strikes Back Against Loni Love Following Her Comments on the Real

Porsha Williams who is a reality star from the TV show the Real Housewives of Atlanta; ruffled by the comic and “The Real” Loni Love.

Williams posted and then deleted a video of Love After The Real hosts discussed the relationship with fiancé i.e. Dennis McKinley.

In the clip, host Adrienne Bailon shared about the relationship of the couple as, “I couldn’t do it, but I’m not going to judge somebody else for the way they choose to live their life or the decisions she’s going to make.”

Love then commented on Bailon’s post as, “Let me tell y’all something, Porsha trying to get that reality show,” which sent the audience into applause.”

Williams is already on a reality TV show and had her own baby wrote on Instagram saying, “Porsha’sHaving a Baby; B– F– you! #Fakea–, don’t run up smiling when I see you!

Afterwards Love defused the dust by saying, “Porsha, I didn’t say anything bad, and you know it. It was a light, hearted comment. I hope you get your show! #comic.”

Tamar Braxton who is also a former hose of The Real star from Braxton Family Values got in on the drama. She did it by adding an eye emoji comment on The Shade Room. Fans have been seeing the exchange between Love and Willaim and response by Braxton.

According to a resource, Porsha Williams, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Alum is known to not be a fond of Loni Love. She discusses problems of her recent relationship. During a new episode of the talk show on the TV, Loni stated that Porsha was “Trying to get that reality show.”

Many of the Porsha’s followers began to file up her comments section. She said everyone on Earth has problems and no one has a perfect man. 38 years old reality star kept on saying that nobody ever has a perfect man and same is the case with Loni who is dating James Welsh.

Later William claimed that she is above and beyond such drama. Hence she wanted to take the post down. She added that she would pull it off the Instagram after Loni has seen the post. Loni then responded to the post by stating that she did not say anything bad about her.

The comedienne of 48 years old said that it was a light hearted comment. She also shared that she hoped Porsha managed to get her show. Porsha then deleted the posts along with the comments following it.

Porha has been having issues with her man Dennis. Following their proposition for getting married in 2018, and when Porsha was pregnant at that time called off the engagement on account of accusations.Porsha Williams Strikes Back Against Loni Love Following Her Comments On The Real and commented back“B*tch, F you!#FakeA** don’t run up smiling when I see you.”

Fans of the reality star know that Dennis and Porsha have a daughter who is 8 months old. Since then they have managed to work it out. Their issues were broadcasted on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

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