Online Marketer Justin Korabi’s Take On How Networking Helps In Establishing A Brand

Every product or person needs proper branding to stay relevant in the market. With the latest trends on social media and the digital medium, there has been a significant growth of brands to personalities. The backbone behind popularizing brands as well influencers on the internet is entrepreneur Justin Korabi who makes the loudest growth impact with his work in Hollywood. In the last few years, he has marketed many nightclubs, restaurants, and great events in the world. For example, some being SBE’s Hyde Sunset, Nightingale Plaza, and Maxim Hot 100 Party. Korabi believes social media apps have made life a whole lot easier with most of the people spending their time on Instagram and Facebook. He has made a niche target audience on these social media platforms which have played an integral role in popularizing a brand.

However, becoming a marketer had its own fair of struggles for Justin. It was due to his strong network of connections that he could build relationships with well-known celebrities and influencers. “Networking is the most important aspect to build a business or a brand”, says Korabi. Wherever he goes, his main goal has been to establish connections with valuable personalities from different fields like actors, models, chefs, artists, musicians, influencers, YouTubers, and gamers. Laying more emphasis on influencers, the online entrepreneur said, “Influencers in these recent years have changed the dynamics of social media. The audience buys a product or a service after the strong recommendation by an influencer”, he added.

Justin Korabi spends his time on Instagram to not only post fancy pictures or stories but to brand venues and events. He collaborates with reputed celebrities, brands, music labels and other entrepreneurs who can make the particular event a memorable affair. Not just this, Mr. Korabi is also a serial investor who is the owner of SOPHODES, a leading boutique streetwear brand for women. He earlier worked as a partner with – a well-known name in jewelry manufacturing. His work has given him huge success and with his strong sources among the web, the young man has organized many events and parties for the many prominent personalities from different walks of life.

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