Offshore Greens Reveals a Groundbreaking Superfood Based on Kelp

Offshore Greens is pleased to announce the release of its ground-breaking nutritional product, a kelp-based supplement that will use the power of the sea to revolutionise your daily routine for health and wellness. With its powerful, all-natural supply of vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Offshore Greens is redefining the health supplement industry by leveraging the unmatched nutritional profile of kelp.

A Significant Advance in Sustainable Nutrition

The newest product from Offshore Greens takes advantage of the natural abundance of kelp, a superfood that is abundant in antioxidants, calcium, and iodine. This kelp-based nourishment product is consistent with the brand’s dedication to environmental care and sustainability, in addition to being rich in vital minerals. The kelp used in Offshore Greens’ product is sourced from unspoiled waters and collected using environmentally friendly techniques to ensure that there is little influence on marine ecosystems.

The Advantages Of Kelp, The Sea’s Superfood

The kelp that Offshore Greens uses is extremely beneficial to both human and environmental health. Saccharina latissima, also known as sugar kelp, is the preferred marine collagen line-up kelp because it replicates ocean-grown collagen, which benefits the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints. Beyond the collagen, kelp’s naturally high iodine content continues to offer advantages including By purchasing and supporting Offshore Greens, you can engage in consumer environmental activism and have a conscious influence on the future of your planet as well as yourself.

How Do They Harvest Kelp?

In Machias, Maine, the kelp is picked by hand. The farmers hook the kelp and fasten it to a winch arm of their boat using a tiny boat, submerged lines, and a small crew. After coming ashore, the kelp is dried by hanging it before being processed into a fine powder using pulverisation. Growing kelp on coastal farms allows us to sequester carbon and send some of the grown kelp to sink while leaving the wild kelp to continue its natural processes.

Product Information

The ingredients of offshore greens, a straightforward and sustainable full body nutrition combination, include mushrooms, plant-based protein, regenerative organic kelp, and natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Rich in protein and collagen, the Offshore mixes nourish your body and aid in healing, digestive health, clarity, and—above all—longevity.