Nose penetrating leaves 20-year-old girl in wheelchair for life

A 20-year-old young girl has been left in a wheelchair forever due to a bacterial infection that developed after she had her nose pierced.

Layne Dias had her nose pierced last July and said the piercing bled and was swollen at the time but she thought nothing of it.

“I thought it was a spot, but it caused a fever,” she told local media in Brazil.

“I treated it myself, I put creams on it and a week later it disappeared.”

However, soon after the “spot” disappeared she began to feel serious pain in her legs.

doctors were apparently attempting to give her an exact diagnosis until they found staph bacteria in her bloodstream.

Ms Dias then says the doctors asked her if she had any cuts on her nose as that is the area of the body the bacteria normally develops in and she then revealed she had received the piercing weeks before.

The agony in her legs before long formed into a sentiment of deadness in her whole body which prevented her from walking.

As a result of the earnestness of her condition she was taken to the Hospital Institute de Base in the Brazilian capital Brasilia where a MRI scan showed Ms Dias had 500 millilitres of pus compressing three vertebrae in her spinal cord.

She needed to experience emergency surgery and the neurosurgeon responsible and the neurosurgeon capable, Oswaldo Ribeiro Marquez, told local media he had never seen that kind of bacterial infection caused by a piercing in his 15-year medical career.

The emergency surgery figured out how to stop the disease spreading yet Ms Dias has been left without the utilization of her legs.

“The pus could have caused an infection which may have been fatal. When the liquid was removed, her marrow decompressed and this prevented her condition from worsening,” Dr Marquez said.

Ms Dias was released from the hospital two months later and was shocked to learn she would be in a wheelchair for life.

“I was devastated. At the start, it was a very sad situation. My life changed a lot but I felt happy when I left the hospital as I was not there anymore,” she said.

“I have met other young people in wheelchairs and I have seen that I can be happy like this [in a wheelchair]. Now I’m doing exercise like playing basketball and handball.”

What is a staph infection?

The staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria is a generally basic sort of bacteria that typically doesn’t cause any damage, yet a staph infection can occur when the bacteria enters the body and multiplies.

There are a many different types of staph infection, and a few people are more inclined to infections than others, according to Health Direct Australia.

Staph diseases can go from bubbles to blood harming, and could be life threatening. Anyone who thinks they might be infected should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

penetrating: How to limit infection hazard

Alessandra Romiti, a dermatologist consulted by local media, said issues with piercings usually come from the place where the piercing was carried out.

“The patient should take care that the place is clean and avoid any risk of contamination,” she said.

It is unclear where Ms Dias received the piercing.

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