Nintendo details how swimming works in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’s without first summer content update shows up on July 3. Not exclusively will the update bring back another returning character, Pascal, it will likewise acquaint the capacity with swim, and Nintendo has uncovered more about how that will function.

Much like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you’ll have to have a wet suit to swim in New Horizons. Following the mid year update, you’ll discover wet suits available to be purchased in Nook’s Cranny close by different apparatuses.

After you buy one, essentially put it on and you’ll have the option to take a plunge in the sea around your island.

While swimming, you’ll likewise have the option to jump underwater and get new ocean animals like ocean stars and nursery eels, which you would then be able to give to Blathers to show in the gallery.

On the off chance that you discover a scallop while plunging, the previously mentioned Pascal will spring up, and you can exchange it to him for another mermaid DIY formula (and a portion of otter wisdom).

A subsequent free summer update for New Horizons is coming this August. Nintendo hasn’t uncovered what that update will contain, however the realistic that went with the declaration highlighted fireworks.

Long-term Animal Crossing fans will recall that there would be a firecrackers show each Sunday evening in August in past games, so it shows up the firecrackers show will make an arrival also.

Meanwhile, players in the Northern Hemisphere can in any case discover summer shells, a restricted time occasional material that can be utilized to make summer-themed DIY recipes.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can likewise still guarantee a select free rug for Animal Crossing.

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