Nick Jonas shares photos of Priyanka Chopra and him having a romantic ski vacation with their daughter Malti

New pictures of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been released, and they seem very passionate. In addition, he uploaded a picture of his daughter Malti and him skiing in Aspen, Colorado, recently.

Recently, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas went skiing in Aspen, Colorado in the US. Malti Marie Chopra Jonas was also brought over for the holiday by the couple, who were accompanied by friends. On Wednesday, Nick posted a family photo of Priyanka, Malti, and Nick on Instagram as part of their “Aspen photo dump.” Additionally, there was a picture of Nick and Priyanka cuddling while lying on snow.

Nick was encircling Priyanka Chopra in the first of numerous images he shared, which showed her holding their infant daughter Malti. They had their backs to the camera. Priyanka and Nick were dressed in black and white ski gear, while Malti was dressed in a white and pink winter ensemble. In another image of Priyanka and Nick cuddling while lying in the snow, they could not take their eyes off one another. Another image Nick posted showed Priyanka tossing a snowball at him while sporting a red beanie. There was also a solo picture of Priyanka pouting for the camera as she posed on a bike. Nick also shared a few photos of his friends from their ski outing.

Malti appeared in public for the first time last month with her parents, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. On January 30, the three members of the Jonas family attended the Jonas Brothers’ Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony. The one-year-old sat on her mother’s knee while her father and uncles, Kevin and Joe Jonas, collected their star. Since their daughter’s birth in January 2022, Priyanka and Nick have taken great care to protect her privacy online by only posting images of her with an emoji over her face. Nick mentioned Malti and how special it was to have her there with him at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in a recent interview.