New York Jets hire Steve Scarnecchia as chief of staff

New York Jets hire Steve Scarnecchia as chief of staff

The Jets have recruited Steve Scarnecchia as Robert Saleh’s chief of staff. It’s another position in the team’s staff.

Scarnecchia spent the previous six seasons as the Falcons’ assistant head coach.

There, as indicated by the Falcons’ media direct, Scarnecchia was “responsible for coordinating the Falcons meeting and practice schedules and football calendar, managing the football budget and orchestration of team and staff events as well as providing administrative assistants to the coaching and operations staff.”

Scarneccia has remained out of sight since 2010 when he was terminated by the Broncos for shooting a 49ers walkthrough before a game in London. The NFL fined the Broncos $50,000 and mentor Josh McDaniels $50,000 for the episode.

Scarneccia had recently worked in New England’s video division from 2001-04 when the Patriots were recording rivals’ cautious training signals. He was with the Jets’ video group in 2007 when the SpyGate embarrassment became visible.

Scarnecchia, the child of former Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, functionNew York Jets hire Steve Scarnecchia as chief of staffed as the Jets’ overseer of mixed media and production from 2006-08.

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