Neil Nayyar is the Most Exciting Musical Talent to Arrive in a Long Time

“Neil Nayyar has done the impossible by normal standards in learning how top perfectly play 107 different instruments in an act of such prodigious talent, the likes of which hasn’t been seen for a long time.”

Elk Grove, California– Nothing is comparable to what Neil Nayyar has achieved in the thirteen short years he’s been existing in this world with his complete expertise and knowledge on playing 107 different musical instruments; truly a unique musical prodigy with endless potential to create an impact upon the entire world of music. 

At present, he has signed with an Acting Agency out of Los Angeles who’ll be in-charge of grooming him for entering the entertainment industry in a truly consequential fashion. They are compiling a number of documents/monologues, which will help to this end over time. It’s the part of the plan that the next step would be to sending Neil out for auditions in brands where his talents would be best utilized, including TV, movies and commercials. However, this is certainly not his first foray into the entertainment media, given that he had previously auditioned for such shows as America’s Got Talent and the Steve Harvey Show. Meanwhile, he continues his own musical development of which practice sessions that extend to eight hours a day play a great part. This is passion in its truest form, and all his 25 instructors from all across the globe recognize it in spades.    

So, it’s no wonder why Neil’s profile is at a rise. His unique story and talent is already set to finding a full-length feature in the upcoming August issue of the SACTOWN Magazine. His case is certainly something that you don’t find by just looking down the street, and this was pretty apparent for a number of media outlets who have already covered his story and talents. FOX40, ABC10, Good News Network etc. were all astonished in their reports when they discovered that then 12-year old Neil had mastered 44 instruments in total. It helped him find way into the ASSIST Book of World Records to be the youngest individual to achieve that particular feat. However, now that he has learned to play 107, even the fabled Guinness Book of World Records is knocking at his door.

The potential and possibilities of where his talent, passion and dedication will take him remains a question for everyone to be seen. But, on thing is for sure that his star will continue rising in near future, and will create some music that will affect and change many lives in its wake. If you want to, you can follow Neil Nayyar through his official website at You can also follow him at Facebook with                           


Neil Nayyar’s parents claim wholeheartedly that his prodigious skills and talents are because of the fact that they played him a lifetime’s worth of Mozart when he was still in the womb. However, his talents did not showcase themselves as soon as he was born, instead taking five long years. It was drumming camp, which the extremely young Neil attended. By the end of it, everybody was strongly applauding out of sheer unbelievable quality of playing executed by the young, untrained child. By the time he was 12, he entered into the ASSIST Book of World Records as the youngest human to have completely mastered 44 instruments. He has increased the count by a great margin since then, and he dedicates himself to improve himself continually. When he’s not practicing, Neil’s indulging himself in his pleasures of hip hop, jazz and Bollywood music and movies, especially those starring Salman Khan.

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