Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro Best Fitness Coach of Dubai, helping people remain in shape mentally and Physically

Dubai, as we all know, is the business hub of the world. You name anything you will find in Dubai. It is the world’s best place to live, especially for business people. A luxurious lifestyle is now creating an issue for many top names in Dubai because of junk food, not taking care of fitness due to a hectic schedule. Many look for a fitness trainer who can help them train at home or via an online platform. 

From losing weight to finding the right shape and strong muscular body is in demand, so due to this modern culture and requirement, many are now heading towards a healthy lifestyle, especially after Pandemic. But to find the best fitness coach who is qualified, certified and experienced is not easy. 

To make your work easy, we came up with one of the best fitness coaches who is having experience of more than ten years, award-winning athlete and coach who is not helping normal clients but he is also helping top sports athletes like cricketers and all. We are talking about Najab Mohamed, who is globally recognised as Najm Retro. 

Najab Mohamed is known for giving training to top business people and athletes in Dubai. From weight loss to weight gain, Gaining muscles to the flexible body, he has the solution for every problem. 

Najab Mohamed provides online and offline training sessions to his clients in Dubai. Being an awardwinning athlete in bodybuilding, he helps many bodybuilders achieve their life goals by giving them the right fitness training. 

Najm Retro provides the best fitness program in Dubai for weight loss, Body transformation, strength training, Circuit Training. He recently revealed why he is rated as Dubai’s best sports fitness coach. In the IPL 2020, he helped many players fight against the hot weather of Dubai and help them improve in their physique. 

So if you want to change the way you look, want to be more fitter, muscular then Najm Retro is the one who can help you achieve your goal after all he is one of the best Fitness Coach available in Dubai