Nafez Husseini Explains How Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Grow Their Businesses Exponentially

The 21st century has opened the door to a digital revolution. They say everyone has a million-dollar business idea at least once in their lifetime. But many still struggle to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and run a successful business because they fear failure. Here, digital marketing expert and President of Authority Media LLC, Nafez Husseini shares his top 5 tips on getting your business off the ground.

1. Your first business idea might not be your best business idea

Nafez Husseini started his first media marketing company MediaHusky in 2016, later closing it to work for companies like Apple and PepsiCo before starting his current business Authority Media LLC. His personal journey is testament to the fact that the second business idea can turn out to be much more successful, if you have courage and work hard.

2. Nothing beats perseverance

Every business path is laced with many obstacles. According to Husseini, the way to overcome these obstacles is simply through “months of nonstop work, focus, dedication and determination”. Nothing helps a business succeed more than always looking for new ways to innovate and improve your business strategy.

3. The connections you build are lifelong

The success of any business depends on the people backing it. Nafez’s current business runs successfully today by growing businesses to millions of followers. These drive large revenues in and help scale the brands through digital campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He believes these established partnerships are the secret competitive advantage that makes him stand out in the industry.

4. The learning should never stop

Nafez himself reads one book every week, and finds that this really helps him understand the nuances of his business well. His one tip for any entrepreneur looking to set up and grow a successful business is to keep learning through workshops, webinars, online courses andbooks.

5. Hunger, Honesty and Happiness

Nafez Husseini’s 3H mantra is- the hunger to always learn more and grow, the honesty to always stay true to your work, and the happiness that sparks motivation in the whole team to come together and allow the business to reach monumental heights. “Working hard was the big secret, but being honest and a good person is what has taken me the furthest.”, concludes Nafez.

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