Music is a way leading to a luxurious life, According to Ashkan Fattahi.

Fattahi is an Iranian famous singer who spends significant time on playing board and card games. He claims that the music industry could be a promising source of income and completely change your financial conditions. So, in this essay, Ashkan will tell us how one can make a luxury life through singing.

How do musicians become wealthy? Singers and performers can get rich by regularly releasing new albums/tracks that satisfy the music taste of the majority of the community and/or holding concerts in big cities. Also, musicians can make money from sponsorship by different interested organizations and collecting huge followers on social media. Accumulating wealth from music is not as straightforward as we would all like. You can become a millionaire over a single night, but there is a procedure. One night could result from 3 or 4 years of arduous work.

Fattahi says: “Music is a lucrative game, but not all people will become rich by playing it. So, here is what you must do to get a piece of the cake. To become rich from music, you must be popular enough to defeat as many rivals as possible. Remember that singing and releasing regular songs does not necessarily lead to success.” While big-time pros like Taylor Swift keeps raking in billions in earnings, many singers are not making nearly as much as respectable earnings despite enormous investments. “The difference between a top singer and a guy who goes home with nothing in his pockets is quite simple: skill. If you are going to succeed in music, you need to hone your skills to a level where you can compete with the best,” Fattahi said.

Ashkan added: “Here is the thing, big stars like Enrique are not always within the world top ten. However, their excellent music skills mean they will end up with the money by performing in two or just one big concert with thousands of fans.” There is a reason these guys regularly earn money for every new release, and if you hope to make as much money as they do, you need to sharpen your music skills.