MTV Movie & TV Awards 2020 : Here’s Greatest of All Time Complete Winners List

With the Covid having overturned the conventional honors season, this year, fans had the opportunity to see an all-new sort of MTV Movie and TV Awards. The uncommon occasion was altogether different this time around, respecting the stars, properties and occasions that have procured the renowned title of Greatest of All Time among mainstream society standards.

The hour and a half unique observed “GOATs” over a few classes, including Scream Queen, Legendary Lip Lock, Dance Your A** Off, Heartbreaking Break-Up, Comedy Giant, Zero to Hero, She-Ro, and Dynamic Duo.

Facilitated by Vanessa Hudgens – and highlighting a large number of amazing visitor stars, including Neve Campbell, Sofia Carson, Lily Collins and Derek Hough, among numerous others – the uncommon honored some of mainstream society’s most noteworthy and most significant minutes in films and TV from the 1980s as of recently.

Here’s a look at all the winners of the pined for Greatest Of All Time qualification. We will fill in the winners and updating for the duration of the night:

GOAT: Dance Your A** Off:

  • Kevin Bacon, Footloose

GOAT: Comedy Giant:

  • Kevin Hart

GOAT: Dynamic Duo:

  • Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and Blended

GOAT: Scream Queen:

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

GOAT: Legendary Lip Lock:

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair, Cruel Intentions

GOAT: Heartbreaking Break-Up:

  • Jason Segel and Kristen Bell, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

GOAT: Zero to Hero:

  • William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, Karate Kid and Cobra Kai

GOAT: She-Ro:

  • Gal Gadot

GOAT: Hero for the Ages:

  • Chadwick Boseman