Montony talks about his favorite Iranian rappers, he is very fond of snooker and it is one of his favorite pastimes.

Montony gives explanations about his favorite pastime to create familiarity for those interested in this pastime.


(English: Snooker) is a form of billiards that is played on a large table covered with green mahout that has six pockets. Four envelopes are in the corner of the table and two other envelopes are in the middle of the side of the table. The green color of the table top indicates the era when the game was played on the grass; At that time, the blows were made with sticks and later evolved into the current tables with more professional sticks. Snooker in the English dictionary means clever, mysterious, etc., and its meaning in the game is to hide, keep out of reach, block and mask.

Rules of the game of snooker

* Players sit at the table to start their game, which is called break. The luck of the starting player is determined by tossing a coin. The game break kick is hit from the semi-circle D on the white ball towards the red balls.

* The kick at the beginning of the game and the follow-up kicks should not be back “carrying kicks”. Carrying the ball with the snooker stick is a mistake. The shot must be clean, in one spot on the ball and accurate.

* After the break shot, if the white ball does not hit the target, the referee will declare a foul and the opposing player will be awarded a point.

* After the first shot, all balls must be fixed in place, then the next shot is made.

* As we said, the goal is the red ball first, and failure to do so is considered a mistake. Also, if the cue ball passes through other balls and does not hit any balls, it is an aimless shot and is still a foul.

* Touching the ball by the player’s body is a mistake. The only way to communicate with the balls is to snooker. But touching the white ball is not an obstacle.

Throwing a ball outside the table is a mistake. In this case, the red balls are not replaced, but the other balls return to their original place.

* If the designated spot for a colored ball is occupied by another ball, the ball is placed at the highest possible point of the table along the same spot. If all the points are still occupied, the ball is placed in the closest place to its specific position; We are between the point and the top of the table. A snooker ball must not be placed in contact with another ball.

* When the white ball touches another ball before being hit, the referee will warn the player to place the ball further away from the previous position by declaring “ball touch”. If touching the ball causes another ball to move, it is considered a foul.

* If a player commits a foul, and it is the opponent’s turn, and this player fails to target any of the table balls (because if he does, there is a high probability of a foul), a free kick or “free ball” is awarded. ” is given to the player. In this rule, the player throws a ball into the hole according to his choice and announcement. For example: it can consider the black ball as a red ball, if it goes into the hole, now you can move on to choosing the next color.

* The player must leave at least part of his foot on the ground while hitting.

* It is a mistake to enter the white ball into the riders.

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