Modern-day rapper, Shah is taking the music industry by storm through his music:

Shah is a talented rapper from ANTWERP in the music industry. Shah was quite passionate about music since childhood. Eventually, he decided to pursue music as a career when he found his love for hip-hop music. Shah is a young boy full of fire, he stopped his schooling so that he can invest all his time making his music.

Over the years, the music industry has changed a lot. Competition among newcomers and other artists is so high that one needs to do something different to survive in this rapidly changing industry. Shah is among one those who have proved otherwise. His music has never failed to surprise his fans. His ability to connect to his fans through his music is the ultimate reason why he stands out in this industry. Being just 21 years old, Shah has gained massive success and he has several substantial fans following. His amazing and mesmerizing music is attracting more music lovers.

Shah loves to maintain a disciplined life as he believes it is one of the important things in his life. He has always been a perfectionist, everything he does needs to be perfect or he can’t move to pass it. As an artist, he is a very creative person. He works hard to be the best version of himself in every aspect of his life. Whenever he faces any issues or problem in his life instead of reacting, she always internalizes, analyses and completely understand the situation and deals with that situation calmly before doing anything about.

 Shah says to all the people out there, “Follow your path, never let someone tell you which path you have to take!”

The famous American rapper Tupac Shakur has always been a motivation to him. Among many other singers, Eminem and Tupac Shakur are his favourites in this vast industry.

Till now, the biggest milestone Shah has ever achieved is that his work had gained more than 1 million views on the Dutch music platform within 10 months after its release. This indeed is the biggest break in his career to date. Shah dreams to gain freedom in any work he does. To fulfil this dream of his, he is working hard and giving his all in it.

Through complete dedication and hard work, Shah has established himself as one of the renowned artists in the industry. He is currently working on him upcoming project whose detail will be released soon to the public.

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