Model and a social media influencer – Emil Osmanovic

Dreaming about something requires sleep, and converting those dreams into reality requires hard work, struggles, and determination. Emil is a model of Europe with some dreams of going high and high, and these dreams have taken him to the world of fashion and influence.

He realized his talents when he won a contest of “Face of Montenegro” after that, he knew that he could do fashion modeling and influencing. His milestone gave him a chance, and he grabbed it firmly with determination. After winning that title, he entered the world of fashion. Because of his looks and talent, famous photographers approached him for modeling. He started working in Paris, Dubai, Italy, and famous magazines. After these successful photography sessions, he got some permanent contacts with fashion magazines, commercials, and television shows.

Journey to the milestone:

Fashion modeling is not a simple career; it leads to several artistic fields. That is why Emil did not stop when he became a fashion model. He is currently learning music lessons, voice lessons, and acting lessons to do more and better in this field. He considers himself an entertainer. He has taken steps towards singing, acting interior, and fashion designing. He was born in Montenegro, but he moved to New York because Montenegro was not good for acting and fashion modeling; there were not so many of the opportunities as New York. We know that fashion modeling is bestowed with so much talent all over the world. The same case goes for Emil; he works in different fashion modeling fields that have made him famous across the world. He is also famous for his good behavior, dedication to his work, good attitude, and professionalism; these qualities are helping him increase his fans day by day.

Social media influencing:

He is an influencer; he guides people who are eager to build something out of fashion modeling. He has millions of followers on Instagram. His followers are of every age; most of them are high school students. These teenagers love him because of his ethical behavior, charming personality, and attractive appearance. All these things have made him famous all over the world. He gives suitable advices to people through his blogs.

“In order to be successful in fashion modeling, you have to be determined for your goals; a determination can make you attractive, strong, and will provide you with every kind of motivation you need to survive in this field” – Emil.

He provides his followers with every kind of tips and methods to build their career.

His interests:

He loves to travel. He travels from one country and city to another. Different fashion brands hire him for different kinds of photographic sessions in different countries and cities. He is just following his interest in his career, and he wants people to do the same. As he loves modeling and traveling, he is learning many things about cultures, natural beauties, and a lot about his own personality.