Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Cute PDA Moment Was “Choreographed” According to a Body Language Expert

An evening or two ago, former Suits star and current casual Duchess Meghan Markle visited the circus with Prince Harry. What’s more, it was all exceptionally extravagant and sparkly! Dumbo was there! Just joking!

Anyway, the pair had an incredibly cute PDA moment that was shared across the internet, which comprised of Harry offering Meghan his turn in what body language expert Judi James describes as a “sweetly choreographed” moment:

“This rather sweetly choreographed body language ritual suggests Harry really is now tuned into to Meghan’s every need while she is pregnant,” James explains.

“As she settles rather uneasily into her seat he sits with his head down submissively, quietly watching her but without fussing before deciding that another hand might be just what she needs.”

In the event that you look carefully, you’ll see that Harry offers his hand to Meghan palm-up, which James says put Meghan in control: “The strong bonds of empathy seem to work as Meghan takes it gratefully before placing it over her bump, still looking forward but muttering what looks like a ‘thank you.'”