Meet Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken aka YB Stainz, who is leaving no stone unturned to reach the top of the music game as a young and talented music artist

He is gradually becoming an expert and high-performing professional in making rap and dancehall music.

No matter how much ever we speak about different talents in this world, it always feels that much more discussion and talks are needed to bring all these talents in front of the world. There are so many people in this world who have had to go through some real tough times in life, but yet they kept going on their journey, with a sense of self-belief and confidence in their talents, which eventually helped them come out of darkness to light and gave the recognition they truly deserved in their respective fields. The music industry all over the world is one of those places, where talents are born each day, but only a few have the X factor in them to make it huge in the industry. Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken, aka YB Stainz, is amongst those youngsters who realized the potential he always had, worked upon it consistently and impressed everyone with his peppy yet meaningful songs.

God sometimes has his own unique ways to make an individual realize and understand what different they have it in them and how they can utilize the same to their full advantage. Similar is the story of this rising rapper and music artist who once woke up from a dream on a morning in 2015 that was all about the sign of God who made him see his future, where YB Stainz was working on a music video, singing his song and the lyrics were so emotional, that the dream woke him up and changed his perspectives in life.

A youngster from East Toronto in Scarborough from the Malvern community, who later got moved out of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in York Region, believed he could disrupt the music scene in Canada for the better and that’s what he did. His songs, ‘You Gotta Get Your Knowledge Up’, ‘Big Dreams’, & ‘Ten Toes Down’ are proof enough of the talent that YB Stainz possesses as a high-performing and passionate music artist, who is par excellence with his skills in rapping, singing and songwriting.

Currently, YB Stainz is a recording artist but also aims to become a live performer as well, touring the world and creating more magic through his music and dreams to perform at Air Canada Center as well someday. Looking at the pace with which this young musical talent is growing in the industry, we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the music game very soon. Till then, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @yb.stainz and visit his website,

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