Meet Simone Ferretti, the ultimate example of Jack of all trades

He is a rising star in the social media world with experience in photography, videography and modelling.

We have many fine examples of multi-talented individuals who have excelled in various fields. People that have succeeded in whichever jobs they have laid their hands on. Amidst us we have one such individual who has well mastered various subjects: his name is Simone, a young italian man who has proved that it’s possible to successfully handle distinct jobs using grit, determination and focus.

At just 25, his knowledge and talents have taken him a step ahead of the competition and made him stand out from the usual breed. Let’s understand a bit more about this all-rounder who aces across multiple industries. We asked Simone how did he kick-start his career which has got him to such dizzying heights of success. He replied: “I started my career as a professional model when I was 19 after winning the second place in the Mister Italy beauty competition, which is one of the most coveted award in Italy. After working for a while in Milan, I decided to move to Hong Kong in 2017 to further pursue my career as a model. To sustain myself in the new city, I started working as a personal trainer in a fitness centre”.

During his stint in Hong Kong he got hooked onto making videos which eventually led to starting his own profession as a videographer. Having developed enough expertise, he started showcasing his work on social media which garnered enough support and appreciation. He focused on creating short videos showcasing the product or service he was advertising for.

Surprisingly, his popularity grew to such an extent that big brands like Mercedes Benz Hong Kong, Xiaomi, Joby and many more asked him for endorsements.

His stay in Hong Kong ended when he moved to London in 2019 to study business. During this period, he started developing his online presence by making photography and videography tutorials on TikTok and Instagram which helped him growing his massive audience to more than 500k followers and 100k respectively. His excellent skills got noticed by a wide number people that started requesting in-depth long tutorials. Hence, Simone decided to start designing courses related to photography and social media, which are now his top priority while keep creating engaging content on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Today, thanks to its strong online presence and impeccable services, Simone stands as the most preferred endorsement partner for many big brands worldwide that are looking to promote their products online.


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