Meet SAYF, the young budding rap artist who is raking up the top charts with his talent

Meet SAYF, the young budding rap artist who is raking up the top charts with his talent

SAYF has always shown his A-game when it comes to hip hop/rap genres.

A lot has already been said and heard about people who have taken over different fields and sectors of the world. However, sometimes knowing more about them gives us more insights into what really helped them carve their unique path to success and how they managed to stand apart from the competition they may have faced in their industries. Today, to make it huge across any industry or field requires individuals a great amount of resilience and a never-give-up attitude, practicing which can help them gain their desired success and momentum. We came across one such highly driven individual and professional in the world of music; he is SAYF.

SAYF, just as his name is growing as a unique musical artist who is driven by his aim to create music that can connect people all across the world. He confesses that from a very early age if anything, that caught all his attention the most was all things music. However, he never thought that life indeed would present him with opportunities where he could turn them in his favour and create the career of his dream.

Talking more about how he became the musician he is today, the Dubai-based artist says that he loved poetry as a child and even stole his uncle’s Walkman player as a 9-year-old to listen to some music. This was when he heard 2PAC and Eminem for the first time in his life and since then decided to be a part of the music world. This was the start of a new beginning for SAYF, where he began writing rap. Today as a full-blown musician of Dubai, the UAE, SAYF has been rising high each day, showing his true talents and innate skills in music.

SAYF also says that though his great inspirations in the industry are 2PAC and Eminem, his style of music is also influenced heavily by The Weeknd and Tory Lanez. SAYF’s songs Wolves, Squad and Lean have been doing extremely well on streaming platforms and earning massive recognition and success for the young musical talent.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @sayf.v.

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