Meet Firas Kazma, a passionate food blogger and businessman, who shares Joy and Happiness with his followers

Food blogging seems an easy task but it requires intense passion and dedication on the part of any person. Firas Kazma is an American-Lebanese food blogger and travel influencer who is also passionately handling his companies at the same time.

Born on 21st March 1977, Firas Kazma dived into the food blogging world after realizing his photography talent during his college years. Due to his deep passion for food and traveling, he would click photos of food items at different locations.

It really inspired him to pursue his journey as a food blogger. He is also a businessman who is handling his group of companies around the globe. Firas Kazma expresses that it gives him a sense of pleasure to share joy and happiness with others.

Firas considers it as an imperative duty of every person to contribute to the community in any way he likes to do. He makes use of excellent content strategies to gain a strong engagement on social media, mainly on his Instagram page where he has around 28k followers till date.

The food blogger & travel influencer travels to different lucrative locations in the world to post pictures of amazing food items on his Instagram page, “CEOStreetFood”. His social media life can easily inspire anyone to pursue food blogging to gain immense success in the digital space.

It takes immense effort to do multitasking but Firas Kazma is doing it easily due to his passion for food & traveling.

Firas has joined hands with food bloggers and food companies around the world to excel as an entrepreneur. He has become successful in his work due to his strong passion and desire to contribute to help other restaurants. Follow his social media profiles and visit his website to know more about him.

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