Meet Faraj Al Omari, an international honorary consultant, Goodwill Ambassador, who takes the insurance industry to greater heights of success

He is a substantive man with rich years of experience and has some skills that can be acquired to enter the insurance industry

The more we look around us and the world, the more we find people motivated by their purpose and mission to create a unique place for themselves and to create milestones in their areas of interest.All of these individuals and professionals are driven by their passion and a strong commitment to bring their respective industries towards higher heights of success. particular journey to achieve all of their goals, some may lose hope halfway, but others may find more motivation and courage along the way and make it huge in their own way.Faraj Al Omari is one of those individuals and professionals who have always worked giving their best and thus established themselves as one of the most sought-after managers and leaders in the insurance industry.

Thanks to years of experience in the field, he held the position of Deputy General Manager Motor UAE at Al Sagr National Insurance Company (ASNIC), based in United Arab Emirates, has rich work experience in the industry and has demonstrated skills in negotiation, reinsurance, self-confidence , health insurance and bancassurance.

Here are some of the important skills that he believes can help other aspiring professionals in the insurance industry

Customer service: The primary goal of insurance companies should always be to provide the best customer service to customers. The manager, claims adjuster or anyone else should also work towards this business vision by providing excellent customer service and unique insurance solutions.
Problem solving: Faraj Al Omari believes that a knowledgeable professional and a manager who knows how to lead an answer, no matter what the problem or problem is. Leaders need to be creative and save even the latest insurance needs of customers.
Good communication: When someone is working on the insurance, the customer treating the customer is professional as the customer may have a minimum knowledge of the process and other information .Hence, Faraj Al Omari explains that one should must be defeated. be a firm pause to explain key points easily and without confusion.
Attention to clarification: Faraj Al Omari points out that managers and professionals in the emerging youth insurance sector must now have the ability to focus on all aspects of customer engagement and focus on a comprehensive description that has able to save them from sin.
The International Organization of Economic and Social Observer at the United Nations last year announced the appointment of Chan Mrlor F Delegates to Mohd Al-Omari as an international consultant and good representation for the provision and implementation of measures to achieve the goals of the call for the eradication of poverty and malnutrition around the world. in line with the principles and practices of the new international community for the realization of its cause.

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