Meet Chelsea Mimms, a leading social media influencer

Meet Chelsea Mimms, a leading social media influencer

Chelsea who hails from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada is a 25-year-old social media influencer. She completed her graduation in Bachelor of Arts – French Studies. She is now married and has a sweet baby girl. At present, she has 17K YouTube subscribers 47K Instagram followers. Besides content creating she loves travelling and fashion.

How Chelsea became an influencer

When she was in high school she would always recommend products, teach her friends new hairstyles and would usually be ahead of the trends. “I would constantly be repeating myself to people on the same topics that one day I decided to start a YouTube channel thinking maybe other people would want to know these things as well.” Her content mainly focused on hair, makeup and fashion. Gradually her content began to put more focused on self-love, self-care & kindness while keeping beauty an fashion as the base. Now that she has become a mother, she has begun to make her mark as a “mommy blogger”. “I can feel the overwhelming amount of love and know that things are only going up from here. Being somewhat trendy and also being a mom is so fun and allows me to make content I enjoy while also sharing some amazing tips for my fellow mamas, soon to be or individuals who love family content.”

Twists and turns in Chelsea’s life

As stated above Chelsea went to school for French Studies, a career she didn’t have much passion for but didn’t know what else she enjoyed. At the young age of 18 Youtube did not seem like a stable plan for her so she did both while in university. Being

a hard-working girl she has managed her path and faced her share of hardships

too. She had recently lost a loved one and didn’t know what she wanted to do with

her career. The loss of a family member is what triggered a change in her mindset. She began to see more beauty in life and to take more control over hers. It took some time to realize that she had a passion for creating videos online and didn’t let anyone else try to dull her shine. “It took me a while to realize that the people I want in my life should support me

and whatever I choose to do. So that’s when I decided to go for it and stop caring about other people’s opinions of me and my career choice”, Chelsea said.

Chelsea’s goals and visions for her career

Sharing her knowledge and encouraging others to live a happy lifestyle is what makes this job so rewarding for her. She hopes to inspire, help or entertain someone else even for a short period of time. “We are all on our journey and it is so important to uplift others, share what we know, and live each day without fear of what others will say”, Chelsea quoted.

Chelsea has and will continue to be very active on her social media platforms where you will find fashion, self-care & lifestyle content to bring you joy. Chelsea plans to continue her growth with several exciting projects to come this year and hopes you will follow along her journey as she learns her new role as a mother, embraces her new body and reminds us to be grateful and smile more often.

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